Get Your School Data Out of the Silos and into the Light

Presented by: Moshiur Tarafdar, Chief Technology Officer, Noodle Markets
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Vital datasets around curriculum, spending, and achievement are siloed among K-12 stakeholders. Surfacing and integrating that data allows educators to make better decisions for their students. edWebinar viewers will learn from Moshiur Tarafdar, Chief Technology Officer at Noodle Markets about hidden metrics, as well as legislative and practical obstacles that keep them apart.

Noodle Markets has helped districts surface data around purchasing activity, compliance, and collaboration, with an eye toward safeguarding student privacy. Along the way, they have discovered disparate datasets around achievement, attendance, demographics, market trends, and more.

Gain insights into reasons behind siloed school data and initiatives to increase transparency. Learn about increased collaboration among K-12 stakeholders to share successes and challenges, especially concerning product acquisition and relationships with vendors.