You Gave a Formative Assessment, Now What?

Presented by: Cathie Gillner, Teacher at Fox Chapel Area School District, Pittsburgh, PA
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Have you ever given a formative assessment and not used the data? Technology has introduced a plethora of formative assessment options for teachers over the past few years. Follow formative assessments from start to finish and look at the most important part of a formative assessment—the results! Learn about nontraditional types of formative assessments such as concept maps and games as a way to spot check students’ learning through a course of study. Dive into the world of data-driven instruction.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how Cathie Gillner, an educator from Fox Chapel Area School District in Pittsburgh, PA and Common Sense Ambassador, uses concept mapping and games as formative assessments. Topics covered include:

  • Picking the best formative assessments for your classroom
  • Using data to make meaningful experiences for students
  • Embedding formative assessments into learning through concept mapping and games
  • Incorporating tools like BrainPOP, Socrative, Formative, Padlet, Seesaw, Rcap, Quizlet Live, Triventy, and Schoology in your formative assessments