Functional Communication: An In-Depth Look at Reducing and Replacing Challenging Behaviors (Grades K-12)

Presented by: Lauren Williams, M.A., CCC-SLP, Speech Language Pathologist at Monarch Center for Autism and ShyJuan Larkin, B.A., Behavior Specialist at Monarch Center for Autism
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Lauren and ShyJuan presented an in-depth look at evidence-based strategies to help reduce and/or replace challenging behaviors utilizing functional communication training (FCT). This program:

  • Defined functional communication training and discuss why it can significantly reduce challenging behaviors, including those exhibited by students with Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Identified numerous functions of communication and discuss challenging behaviors that can arise from each function
  • Examined various visual language supports that help students understand language during times of crisis and help mitigate challenging behaviors
  • Demonstrated how the environment can effect a student’s communication and behavior
  • Demonstrated cueing methods during communication and crisis, and how these different methods can effect a student’s functional communication
  • Examined how collaboration across disciplines can support the generalization and use of appropriate communication methods
  • Demonstrated proactive strategies to promote communication and reduce and replace challenging behaviors