Using Free Service Learning Resources to Deepen Student Understanding and Create Leaders

Presented by: Alanna Brown, Program Manager, Pennies for Peace, and Allison Kucharski, Teacher, A. Vito Martinez Middle School, Illinois
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Every child, regardless of gender or birthplace, has a right to an education, and most people agree. But how do you take that sentiment — that education is a human right — and turn it into actionable service learning? How do you move from asking students to bring in spare change to help girls in Afghanistan get an education, to helping your students understand why some children don’t get to go to school, and about the cultural, political, and economic realities of life in the developing world?

Moving from simply believing in a cause to action based on real understanding of the issues — it’s the crux that many teachers struggle with when it comes to service learning. Yet we know that with understanding comes tolerance and sympathy, and ultimately a deeper learning experience.

Hear how teachers are using a free service-learning curriculum to help their students make a meaningful impact. Learn practical, easy-to-implement strategies for teaching the often-complicated issues surrounding education in the developing world while helping students:

  • Develop critical thinking skills
  • Collaborate with peers
  • Learn about and value other cultures
  • Recognize their responsibilities as global citizens
  • Develop empathy
  • Believe they can change the world