Family Engagement through Music: Stronger Home-School Connections with Music

Presented by: Sarah Orfe, Director, Music Together Princeton Lab School
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This webinar explored the ways in which participatory and enjoyable adult-child music activities can engage parents in their child’s learning, enhance the home learning environment, promote family engagement in school, and support a strong child-teacher-family connection.

You’ll be introduced to how and why the content and process of developmentally appropriate music and movement activities can enrich and bridge the classroom and home settings. You will be given some ideas you can use to create opportunities for family and community music-making events in the school and parent/caregiver participation in the classroom. You’ll also get some tips on how to use music with your students in such ways that encourage the children to make music at home with their families.

Learn how music materials in the home can be used to provide rich, cognitively stimulating, and literacy-related activities for children and families to enjoy. In addition, as positive parent-child interactions are essential for young children’s development at all ages, you’ll hear suggestions on how to communicate to parents the importance and joys of making music with their children, regardless of the parent’s music ability.