The Best Kept Secret in Learning: Executive Function

Presented by: Dr. Bruce Wexler, Professor of Psychiatry at Yale University
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Whenever we as educators want to increase learning, we’ve traditionally looked at the instructional materials we provide our students or, often, at the quality of the instruction itself. But focusing on these things overlooks the most important factor in learning – the learner.

So what’s the real secret to effectively reaching the learner? It is Executive Function.

Executive Function has been described as being like the air traffic controller of the brain. Executive Function includes the mental processes that are keys to learning and helping us to do things like remembering instructions, sustaining attention, and managing multiple tasks. Children with weak Executive Function skills usually struggle in school.

In this webinar, Dr. Bruce Wexler explored the science behind Executive Function and how brain training can be used to strengthen these skills. He was joined by educators from Carlisle (PA) Area School District who shared their strategies for focusing on Executive Function to increase learning.