The Physical Side of Executive Function: A Moving Strategy

Presented by: Lynne Kenney, Psy.D., International Educator, Author, and Pediatric Psychologist
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This edWebinar explored the role of physical movement and activity in increasing children’s executive function. Dr. Lynne Kenney highlighted research findings and techniques for integrating physical exercises and computer-based cognitive activities to increase students’ focus, self-control and memory.

From rhythmic activities to yoga, there are many simple kinds of exercises teachers can do with students without ever leaving the classroom, along with other activities for walking in the school hallway or playing on the playground. Dr. Kenney shared:

  • Simple activities and classroom integration strategies
  • Practical steps that every teacher can adopt to strengthen students’ executive function
  • Insights into helping children maintain engagement and enthusiasm for building their skills
  • How incorporating specific physical activities can build students’ leadership and cooperation skills
  • The eight core cognitive skill competencies and their connection to the eight domains of motor movement

Leave with important background information supporting the need for and value of targeted physical activity in building stronger executive function capacity for all students, including those with special needs.