Engaging Families through Culturally Competent, Authentic Communication

Presented by: Johnna Darragh Ernst, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor, Early Childhood Education
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Learn how to build foundational practices supporting authentic communication, such as mindfulness, active listening, developing accurate perceptions, and developing a clean-slate perspective. In this webinar, Dr. Ernst explored communication skills and strategies designed to engage families. She demonstrated the relationship between family engagement and positive child outcomes and provided practical examples, applied strategies, and tools supporting integration and application within early childhood settings. Explore existing schemas, social identities, and their impact on communication and cultural competence.

Viewers will gain important information in each of the following areas:

  • Knowledge and strategies for applying basic communication skills including being mindful in communication, applying active listening skills, developing accurate perceptions, and utilizing a clean-slate perspective
  • Knowledge of themselves as communicators and the relationship between existing skills and strategies and cultural competence
  • The relationship between existing schemas and social identities and how these influence communication and cultural competence