Engage Students and Enhance Your World Language Classroom

Presented by: Gisele Vazquez Falls, Teacher and Department Chair of World Languages, Virginia Public Schools
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As a group, students come to us with varied interests and abilities, a myriad of language and cultural backgrounds, and a mixture of learning styles. As individual learners, their language success increasingly depends on access to personalized language learning, and authentic and engaging lessons that will prepare them for their own 21st century global futures. Class time devoted largely to teacher-led instruction limits a student’s ability to practice speaking in their new language. To eventually own a language a student must use it. Combining traditional instruction and EdTech provides a comprehensive approach that develops speaking and listening skills needed by students to build and strengthen their language confidence. Access to technology in a blended learning classroom increases student practice time, offers immediate and effective speech feedback, and gives teachers added opportunities to provide individualized attention to students.

Learn how to better engage your students and enhance your world language classroom. Gisele will share:

• Strategies for incorporating online resources into your daily lesson plans
• Steps to successfully mix traditional and online instruction in your language program to differentiate instruction
• Tips to maximize teacher reach
• Ways to increase student engagement and language production time to build proficiency both during and outside of class