Embracing Student, Education, and Career Success in a Globalized World

Presented by: Anthony Jackson, Vice President for Education of Asia Society
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Twentieth-century assumptions about the world are rapidly becoming obsolete. Globalization, the digital revolution, mass migration, and the prospect of climate instability are triggering new concerns and demanding a new kind of graduate. At the dawn of the 21st century we are recasting our understanding of economics, communication, security, cultural identity, citizenship, and the environment. Indeed, a growing number of reports document the new demands and opportunities these changes present our youth. These changes also call for more powerful, relevant and self-directed learning that will prepare the young to live, compete, and collaborate in a new global scenario.  In this webinar, Anthony Jackson, Vice President for Education of Asia Society, explored this critical education topic and how it impacts your students. In his presentation, Anthony:
• Described the state of the field related to global citizenship
• Provided a definition of global competence while building a case for why global education in US schools is imperative
• Discussed the rationale for why students must engage in the world throughout their entire K-12 education
• Provided practical tools and tips on how to implement global education in districts and schools