Elevating the Educator’s Voice: Personalized Learning for Teachers

Presented by: Kate Bean, Executive Director, Aveson Charter Schools/Personalized Mastery Learning
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How can teachers be expected to personalize learning for students when their own learning is delivered in a one-size-fits-all model? In this webinar, Kate Bean, Executive Director of Aveson Charter Schools, challenged the way educators learn and provides a basis for developing Personalized Mastery Learning (PML) experiences that will transform educators’ views about their own learning, motivating them to experience Personalized Mastery Learning for themselves and be prepared to offer it to their students.

Kate explored:

• Mindset and processes required to shift classrooms, schools and teacher training for a more personalized learning experience for all
• A discussion of one school’s journey around Personalized Mastery Learning for students and personalized professional development for educators
• Components of personalized professional development, including individualized goals and development plans