Discovery Learning for Infants and Toddlers: Treasure Basket Explorations

Presented by: Laura Wilhelm, Ed.D., Associate Professor, Early Childhood Education, Oklahoma City University
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People who work with older children may view infants and toddlers in terms of what they cannot do yet. Treasure baskets are a supplement to regularly planned curriculum activities that showcase the amazing capabilities of children between 6 and 36 months. These baskets employ heuristic learning which presents opportunities for the child to discover through five (and more) senses. “Heuristic,” a new term for many of us, comes from the same root as “eureka,” which emphasizes discovery learning. These activities highlight how much longer very young children will attend to something when they are intrigued by it.

In this live, interactive webinar, Dr. Laura Wilhelm shared:

  • How and why to design treasure baskets with everyday household and natural objects at little or no cost
  • Why plastic mass-manufactured toys are less appealing with their similar temperature and textures, bright colors, and sometimes overpowering lights and sounds
  • Teachers’ ideas about the best ways to incorporate heuristic activities within existing curriculum for 6- to 36-month-old children

Whether you are a new or veteran childcare provider, you will walk away from this session ready to become an expert at an individual child’s interests and abilities!