Designing Learning Environments Based on How We Learn

Presented by: Jen Groff, Educational Engineer and VP of Learning & Program Development, Learning Games Network
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The last several decades have produced volumes of research and an improved understanding of the brain and how we learn.  The OECD project Innovative Learning Environments has sought to explore how this research aligns with strong and innovative models of learning environments for the 21st century.  The project put together a volume called The Nature of Learning: Using Research to Inspire Practice, which is based on this extensive knowledge base.  In this webinar, Jennifer Groff, an advisor and consultant to this project, discussed the 7 Key Principles of learning environments outlined by this work.  These principles serve as guides to inform everyday experiences in current classrooms, as well as future educational programs and systems – along with the pedagogies that are supported by this research, to describe the conditions and environments that engage deep learning and empower learners. Jennifer also shared a condensed 12-page booklet that distills this research volume into a “practitioner guide.”