Current & Emerging Technology for Individuals with Autism: Building Communication & Education Skills

Presented by: Dr. Howard C. Shane, Ph.D., Harvard Medical School & Dir. of the Autism Language Program, Boston Children’s Hospital; and Christian Karter, M.A., Educational Technology Specialist at Monarch Center for Autism
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A growing body of research reveals that individuals with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) have a heightened interest in all forms of visual materials. This, coupled with strong visual processing skills, makes this group an excellent candidate to benefit from technology-based instruction. This webinar focused on current and emerging technologies that impact learning and communication and detailed the experience of implementing technology at Monarch Center for Autism. The discussion included case examples of applied technology used to enhance communication and education skills among individuals with mild, moderate, and severe autism.

Topics include:

  • Current technology including: Mobile devices and apps; Video Modeling; Visual Scene Displays; SmartBoard technology; Assistive Communication Technology
  • Emerging technology including: Apple Watch & other wearables with biometrics; Oculus Rift; Google Glass; Amazon Echo; Robotics, online instructional content

Viewers will be able to:

  • Identify current technology used with individuals with ASD
  • Identify emerging technology that show promise for individuals with ASD
  • Identify how technology can help build communication and education skills
  • Gain awareness of the future potential for student growth thanks to new technology