Draw Families Into School: Creativity Conversations with Parents

Presented by: Cheri Sterman, Crayola Education Director; Tania Kelley, Local Program Director, Turnaround Arts, Bridgeport, CT; Emily Pytell, Implementation and Early Childhood Education Manager, Turnaround Arts
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Creative experiences are a wonderful way to draw families into schools and build a sense of partnership between educators and parents. In this webinar, panelists Cheri Sterman, Tania Kelley, and Emily Pytell shared why family engagement is so important and how they have drawn parents into school by using a series of creativity conversations. These parent meetings focus on why creativity matters and what parents can do at home to foster creative thinking. The webinar will provide practical tips and resources to help parents and educators build creative confidence so that together they can help children make thinking visible.

Learning outcomes:

  • Gain deeper understanding of why having strong partnerships with families is so important
  • Use a series of creativity conversations to address the role of creativity in learning
  • Think outside the box when exploring ways to engage families in schools
  • This webinar will benefit K-8 classroom teachers, art teachers, literacy specialists, librarians, principals, and family engagement specialists.