Classroom Practices that Support Creative Investigations in Early Mathematics

Presented by: Dr. Angela Eckhoff, Author of Creative Investigations in Early Math
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Young children build early mathematics understandings through guided and independent investigations where they are actively involved in meaningful ways. In this edWebinar, Dr. Angela Eckhoff, author of Creative Investigations in Early Math, highlighted the role of the early childhood educator, acting as guide and facilitator, in the planning, implementation, and assessment of creative mathematics experiences.

The lesson ideas and classroom vignettes presented in this session incorporate opportunities to help children understand the concepts of numeracy, classification, comparing, sequencing, shape, structure, location, motion, and transformation. The lessons include critical elements of inquiry and creative thinking—open-ended tasks, activities involving social interaction, and opportunities for children’s reflection and elaboration.

This presentation will support your ability to develop and implement creative mathematics experiences in the early childhood classroom by helping you to identify the links between mathematics content and inquiry-based learning in order to:

  • Develop cooperative mathematics lessons that will engage all children in your classroom
  • Recognize and appreciate children’s mathematics thinking in order to build upon their current understandings
  • Document and evaluate children’s knowledge development with rich, meaningful classroom work samples