Create an Amazing Classroom Environment that Connects to Your “New” Children

Presented by: Dr. Rebecca Isbell, Professor and Consultant in Early Childhood Education
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As the 2016 school year begins, how can you prepare for a new group of energetic young children? An effectively designed classroom environment can positively impact everything that happens in your space. It influences what children learn, how they feel about their involvement, and how they use the materials that are included in their classroom.

In our webinar, Dr. Rebecca Isbell shared:

  • How you can create a warm and welcoming environment for your young children
  • How to set up your space so children are invited to be engaged in meaningful experiences
  • Which learning centers and work areas to include to support communication, collaboration, creativity, and problem solving
  • Which materials and choices to make accessible so children can become independent learners and responsible members of your community
  • Ways you can connect to these new children’s world, culture, and families
  • New and intriguing elements that can be used to enrich and challenge diverse young thinkers

Collect practical and low cost tips to help make your environment the best place ever for you and your children! This live, interactive session will benefit Preschool, Pre-K, and Kindergarten teachers as well as early childhood education coaches.