Classroom-Library Coteaching 4 Student Success

Presented by: Judi Moreillon, Ph.D., Literacies and Libraries Consultant
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Rise up to meet the coteaching challenge! Instructional partnerships are pathways to improving students’ learning and educators’ professional practice.

Educators who coplan develop more creative, engaging, and effective instruction. Through coteaching, they model communication and collaboration skills—skills preK-12 students need to be successful team members in school and beyond. Coteachers effectively model information literacy skills and authentically show diverse responses to texts. They can also demonstrate discussion, debate, and other learning techniques. Together, coteachers accurately monitor students’ guided practice and learning outcomes and make adjustments to improve teaching and learning.

What are the strategies, skills, dispositions, and responsibilities of educators who practice instructional partnerships? In this interactive webinar, Literacies and Libraries Consultant Judi Moreillon, Ph.D., provided strategies for:

  • Identifying potential collaborative partners
  • Using electronic tools for collaborative planning
  • Determining the most effective coteaching approach for the lesson or unit
  • Developing dispositions for successful instructional partnerships
  • And providing evidence of the value and efficacy of classroom-library collaboration

When classroom teachers and school librarians co-implement standards-based instruction, it’s a win-win-win for preK-12 students, educators, and administrators, too. Learn how to be a leader in “building a culture of collaboration®” in your school.