Connecting Students to Holiday Celebrations Around the World

Presented by: Dr. Ian Jamison, Head of Education for Generation Global; with Laila Duaibes, Country Coordinator/ Palestine for Generation Global; and Simmi Kher, Dialogue Facilitator for Generation Global
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The holiday season is quickly approaching, and while many students in the US are familiar with holidays like Christmas, educators strive to expand the minds of students and explore a variety of holidays celebrated across the globe. Learn how to use technology to connect students in the US to their peers around the world using free resources provided by Generation Global. Gain tools and resources to break down cultural barriers and personal stereotypes proving that students living across the world from one another face similar challenges, have similar interests, and that we aren’t so different after all.

You will leave this webinar with a clear understanding of how cultural dialogue can impact students far beyond high school, and how to integrate dialogue and understanding into existing lessons to elevate their students’ critical thinking and active listening skills. Not only will these skills better prepare students for work and life beyond school, but they allow them to successfully navigate the difficult conversations and differences they will encounter when interacting with students of a different culture, both domestically and abroad.