Coaching Adult Learners Builds Creative Capacity

Presented by: Cheri Sterman, Crayola Education Director; Kelly Schofield, Principal of Hanawalt Elementary School, Des Moines, IA; and Sarah Dougherty, Visual Arts Curriculum Coordinator and Turnaround Arts Director, Des Moines, IA
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Coaching educators builds their confidence and creative capacity. Coaching occurs in all sorts of situations from informal hallway chats and social gatherings to more formal PD or PLC group meetings and 1:1 in-depth conversations. Regardless of the venue, effective coaching is intentional listening. Coaches don’t solve other people’s problems; they help educators discover new approaches and take informed risks that lead to promising practices. Adult learners have much in common with young learners—the need for relevance, engagement, application, and interaction. Sitting and listening to lectures is not an effective teaching approach for helping children learn. That presenter-driven approach is equally boring for adults.

In this webinar, Cheri Sterman, Kelly Schofield, and Sarah Dougherty shared their insights on how to engage adult learners and modeled a more interactive learning experience.