You CAN Win Grants for Your School: Secrets and Strategies from a Pro, Part 2

Presented by: Toni Rockis, PhD, CGW, President & CEO of Granted, Inc. and Grantmamas, Inc.
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More than 81,000 foundations give away nearly $50 billion each year in grants. Would you like to learn how to write competitive grants and bring some of this “free money” to your school? Have you thought about writing a grant to purchase updated technologies, support field trips, or fund other educational needs, but aren’t sure where to begin? Or have you written grant proposals, but didn’t get funded as often as you’d hoped?

Don’t miss out on your share of this $50 billion! Learn how to write competitive grant proposals in our three-part grant-writing miniseries. Dr. Toni Rockis reviewed and dissected the eight typical sections of a proposal so you come away feeling equipped and confident to begin your own winning grant-writing journey.

In the second webinar of this miniseries, Toni gave insider tips, tricks, and techniques for writing the next two sections of a foundation grant proposal:

  • Description of the Project
  • Project Management Plan and Timeline

This webinar will help you learn the skills and processes it takes to write clear, concise, and compelling grant proposals.