Bullying Prevention: Tips & Tech Tools

Presented by: Maya Claridge, Singer/Songwriter and No Bully Advocate; Nicholas Carlisle, CEO for No Bully; and Alex Ruwe, Training and Development Manager for CrisisGo
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In this edWebinar, hear the personal account of 15-year-old singer/songwriter Maya Claridge and how she evolved from bully victim to bullying prevention activist. Hear a first-hand account of how bullying lives in schools underground with Maya’s message for increasing awareness and response.

You’ll then hear from No Bully CEO, Nicholas Carlisle, expert witness and commentator on school bullying for television and radio stations across the world. Nicholas shared best practices to make your school bully free and provide tips for engaging parents, students, school staff and community in the solution.

Finally, students are often aware of problem situations before adults so one of the best strategies to prevent bullying is to provide a safe and easy way to report bullying. Technology tools can help do that. Alex Ruwe, training and development manager from CrisisGo, demonstrated how technology can be a lever to prevent, interrupt and report bullying.