Building Young Children’s Sounds, Words and Brains: Your Words and Interactions Matter

Presented by: Renate Zangl, PhD, child language researcher and author of Raising a Talker
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Talking with infants is a hot topic in the news now. Why? Because talking means learning, building knowledge and intelligence. How and how much caregivers talk, engage and interact with infants and toddlers matters. Their daily conversations and play times shape children’s lives and learning before kindergarten and well beyond those early years into school. Educators can give infants and toddlers an edge by having language-rich interactions that make it easier to build the sounds and words that help them develop strong language skills and brains to support learning in many different areas. In this webinar, Renate Zangl, PhD, child language researcher and author of Raising a Talker, demonstrated how you can help infants and toddlers learn about sounds and build their first words more effectively. Renate covered how talking and singing in parentese, reading in a dialogic way, and using motionese, and gestures boost language and learning to help lay a strong foundation for the future. View the webinar recording to learn how to enrich your daily interactions with simple actions and strategies that create high-quality learning experiences for infants and toddlers, and how and why simple tweaks in the way you interact and talk support learning. Renate explained that knowing why something works is important, and how to use certain features more often and deliberately.  Attendees also learned what to look out for in young children’s behavior as they learn to understand and talk, and how to more closely tune in to their developmental needs.