From Chaos to Calm: Building a School Family where even the Most Difficult Children become Helpful and Caring

Presented by: Jill Molli, M.Ed., Loving Guidance Associate
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As we head back to school, a positive school climate is a prerequisite for developmentally-appropriate discipline strategies. Children are motivated to behave through healthy relationships or through awards (stars, stickers, point system). Healthy relationships teach children to value each other, while rewards teach children to value material things. After learning the Conscious Discipline® brain model, you will be well equipped to teach your children how to maintain self-control. In this webinar, Jill Molli shared:

  • How to build the School Family™ using rituals, literature, activities and music, and the physical classroom environment.
  • How to help challenging children join the School Family™ and develop the motivation and desire to be cooperative.
  • The power of the School Family™ to support academic success.
  • How to set up jobs for every child in your classroom that enhance self-esteem, learning and cooperation.
  • How to transform hurtful interactions into helpful communication skills.