Building Fine Motor Skills: A Whole Child Approach

Presented by: Marianne Gibbs, Ed.D., OTR
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In this webinar, NAEYC presenter and occupational therapist, Dr. Marianne Gibbs, presented essential education on the fine motor development of young children 3-6 years old with a focus on the whole child. This program contains rarely addressed information for educators of all young children, which supports pencil grasp, pre-writing, and scissor skill development. Topics of discussion include development of sub-skills of pencil grasp, efficient and inefficient grasp types, positional strategies, techniques and activities to be integrated across the curriculum, and scissor skill development facilitation.

Marianne shared both the theoretical rationale and functional activities for you to apply in the classroom tomorrow. Learn how to:

• Understand and implement appropriate techniques to foster shoulder, arm, and hand development of young children to support lifetime writing skills
• Implement scissor skill sequence of development for effective pattern acquisition
• Articulate substantive rationale to parents and others regarding appropriate fine motor development of young children

Lessons learned during this webinar will bolster your knowledge of fine motor development and support you in your effort to guide young children, heart first, in their unique fine motor journeys. If you are seeking to become a bigger difference-maker in the lives of the young children you serve now and throughout your professional career in education, this session is for you.