Building Blocks for the Success of English Language Learners

Presented by: Della Rodrigues, Math Teacher, Kenmore Middle School, Arlington, VA
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More and more teachers are encountering students new to the country in their classes. How do you address the varying needs of these English Language Learners? How do you help these students acquire the language they will need to understand the material? How do you prepare them for the standardized tests that they are going to be expected to take? How do you help them develop the confidence they will need to experience success in school and beyond? In this webinar, Della Rodrigues, Math Teacher at Kenmore Middle School in Arlington, answered all of these questions.

This webinar highlighted some successful strategies for working with English Language Learners:

• Breaking down language
• Scaffolding and pacing instruction
• Integrating technology and games
• Fostering collaboration and creation
• Building student confidence

Teaching English Language Learners can be daunting, but with the appropriate strategies not only do these students grow and learn, they can also experience success beyond your greatest expectations.