Male Call: Bringing Boys to Books and Writing

Presented by: Dr. Michael Shoulders, Celebrated Children’s Book Author and Presenter
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International test results in 31 countries showed females outperformed males in reading, and concluded that boys are “the new disadvantaged.” In this webinar, discover why “gross engrosses,” the importance of using humor with boys, and book titles boys will love to read. Motivation (versus direct instruction) as a key to get students to learn was the overarching theme. Check out examples of books that engage male students, as well as how to use books as a springboard to get male students excited about writing. Discover research related to the discrepancies in reading and writing scores between boys and girls. Dr. Shoulders reflected upon topics such as brain based differences between genders, male performance levels in school, and male attitudes towards reading.

Viewers of this webinar will be able to:

  • identify reasons boys lag girls in standardized testing.
  • select strategies to motivate/engage boys in reading and writing.
  • identify genres (and titles) of books that are especially appealing to boys.