Brain-Friendly Teaching and Learning in Your Think Tank Library

Presented by: Paige Jaeger, librarian turned administrator; with Mary Ratzer, veteran teacher, school librarian, and adjunct professor
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In this webinar, new and effective approaches to learning and teaching in the school library program were shared. This one hour could transform your library into a Think Tank! With strong rationale for brain-based learning coming from successful practice, neuroscience, and standards reform, presenters Paige Jaeger and Mary Ratzer explored why and how it works. They took a close look at what a child’s brain – if it could talk – would say about optimal learning, along with an array of everyday practice to turn a library into a Think Tank. Paige and Mary showed how real world learning plans can serve as instructional models. Creating a brain-based learning and teaching dynamic in your library can begin with this close and real world view. Exploring both elementary and secondary Think Tank learning plans, in multiple disciplines, a complete package comes together, ready to adapt by an innovative school librarian. A straightforward recipe for brain-based learning and teaching was the take away big idea. View the webinar to learn how to transform your school library into a Think Tank!