Big6 Information and Technology Skills: Essential and Relevant

Presented by: Dr. Mike Eisenberg, Professor and Dean Emeritus, University of Washington’s Information School
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Is information literacy learning (and the Big6) passé? Obsolete? Out of touch? Heck no! In fact, it’s just the opposite. The Big6 (and Super3) are more relevant today than ever.

Last time we checked, this is still the information age and students are facing even more challenging information problems than ever. Information technology continues to innovate at breath-taking speed, and teachers are searching for practical ways to integrate those technologies into meaningful learning experiences. The key, as always, is to focus on the students and developing their information and technology skills so they can succeed in school and in life. That’s what the Big6 does so well. It provides a simple but powerful approach to help students learn essential information and technology skills in the context of local school or district curriculum priorities. In this content-packed webinar, well-known educator and visionary Mike Eisenberg shared practical strategies for defining and delivering a relevant and meaningful information and technology skills instructional program.