Beyond Consequences: A New Look at Fairness and How to Reduce the Use of Discipline Techniques in the Classroom

Presented by: Nancy Bruski, MA, LCSW, Early Childhood Consultant, Wise Choice Guidance
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Teachers often focus on the search for the perfect consequence to challenging behaviors in the classroom, rather than on being strategic and empathic in engaging children’s cooperation. Young children don’t learn positive behavior through being sent away from play centers. Rather, they learn from teachers’ coaching them and intervening in play situations to resolve conflicts.

In this webinar, Early Childhood Consultant Nancy Bruski discussed the concept of “fairness” in a new way that enables teachers to recognize that every child has an equal right to have his/her needs met, but not all children’s needs are the same. This strategy frees teachers to make small exceptions and set a tone in the classroom for relaxed acceptance that we are all working on learning skills on different timeframes and do not all find the same things easy or hard.

Nancy provided a framework for creating compassionate classrooms in which teachers are free to meet individual needs while maintaining group cohesion and validating children’s feelings so that each child feels like a valued member of the classroom community.