The Bebras Challenge: Bringing STEM to Your Classroom

Presented by: Daphne Blokhuis, Organizer and Support of the international Bebras Community
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Do you have trouble keeping your students engaged in informatics or computational thinking? Do you find it difficult to involve the youngsters? You are not the only one. All over the world teachers are trying to find new ways to teach kids that informatics and computational thinking is becoming more important in our daily lives and future careers.

Bebras is an international initiative to bring computational thinking to your classroom. It is an online challenge where students solve interactive tasks. The goal is to recognize the children with an aptitude for computational thinking. Bebras is interesting for your entire student population, not only for the best students. Bebras delivers four different challenges, aimed at different age groups. Each challenge consists of 5 easy questions, 5 medium questions and 5 hard questions. The questions showcase different aspects in the field of computational thinking.

The Bebras Challenge:

  • Is a motivational aptitude challenge
  • Requires no prior knowledge
  • Is low time investment for teacher
  • Takes one class hour
  • Runs for two weeks, so many classes can participate
  • Provides certificates of achievement for all participants

Learn how easy it is to use this challenge in your curriculum and how it can be a step-up to other computational thinking/coding/informatics subjects.
Try the practice challenge at: