Balanced Literacy Part 2: A Revised Recipe for Guided Reading

Presented by: Jill Eggleton, Author and International Educational Consultant from Auckland, New Zealand
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You’ve done guided reading a thousand times – so you know what it’s all about, right? Well, maybe not…

Guided reading might seem like a simple strategy for growing good readers to great thinkers who can comprehend. But as Author Jill Eggleton reveals in her three-part series on balanced literacy, effective guided reading instruction requires a knowledge of the appropriate skills for each level, the importance of digging deeper into texts, and effective ways to keep students engaged.

In Part 1 of this webinar series, Jill introduced the idea of balanced literacy being a delicious hamburger where a variety of ingredients work together to create a balanced recipe that leads to reading mastery. She also invited us to take a bite out of the “top bun of our burger” – shared reading and poetry.

During Part 2, Jill discussed the next ingredients in the hamburger, with a focus on guided reading. Topics include:

  • The instructional goal of guided reading
  • The importance of lesson pace and why quick and “umphy” lessons are essential for lighting the literacy fire
  • How to teach “reading like a reader” vs. “reading like a writer”
  • Best guided reading practices and common instructional pitfalls to avoid
  • And much more

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