Balanced Literacy Part 1: A Revised Recipe for Literacy Success

Presented by: Jill Eggleton, Author and International Educational Consultant from Auckland, New Zealand
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Are you struggling to get lasting literacy progress out of your K-5 students despite the fact that your classroom library or school bookroom is stuffed with leveled books? As powerful of an instructional approach as guided reading is, supporting the growing appetites of your aspiring Literacy Heroes requires more than just leveled books. It requires a delicious “balanced literacy” burger made up of multiple ingredients—or instructional approaches—that work together in a balanced way.

In part 1 of this series, Jill shared new ways to think about balanced literacy, including:

• What balanced literacy truly means
• Why balanced literacy is important given today’s increasing literacy expectations
• The ingredients that make up a truly “balanced literacy” burger with a focus on reading, seasoned with oral and written language

In addition, Jill helped participants take a bite out of the top bun of the “balanced literacy” burger—shared reading and poetry. Lively, inspirational, and filled with rhythmic, musical text, shared reading and poetry are powerful instructional vehicles that allow the rhythm of language and the power of words to be caught, not taught.

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