Teaching Students with Autism about Digital Citizenship

Presented by: Jennifer Liang, Instructional Technology Specialist, Cumberland Academy of Georgia
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Most educators realize the importance of teaching digital citizenship to all students, but students with autism face unique challenges.  Learn how to differentiate digital citizenship for students with autism.Instructional Technology Specialist Jennifer Lang shared the strategies she uses leading the digital citizenship efforts at Cumberland Academy, an independent school that serves students with autism and other neurobehavioral differences.

Jennifer tackled these issues around teaching digital citizenship to students with autism:

  • What are the unique challenges for students with autism as it relates to media and technology use
  • How can educators draw on the abilities of these students – such as attention to detail, appreciation for rules, and a strong sense of fairness – and draw on those strengths to make connections to digital citizenship?
  • What can educators do to support parents and caregivers of students with autism and make a strong home-school connection with them?