Assessing Literacy Growth with the 4 M Framework

Presented by: Billy Spicer, Instructional Coach, Lake Zurich Community Unit School District 95 in Illinois
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As educators, we are constantly seeking meaningful and authentic means to address the level of engagement with our readers. With the continued implementation of mobile devices across classrooms of all ages, students now expect a level of interactivity within their reading experience. Unfortunately, this expectation is not always met and all parties miss out on an opportunity for purposeful literacy growth. Students desire “anywhere, anytime” access to information, including both fiction and nonfiction texts. How can we, as educators, navigate the new challenges being raised to existing models for thinking within, about, and beyond the text?

In this edWebinar, Billy Spicer shared Gravity Goldberg’s 4 M Framework from her Mindsets & Moves book. The framework offers a platform for you to truly model the adage “work smarter, not harder” regardless of how your students are interacting with text. Adopting this framework will assist you to take a step back in terms of driving instruction and instead, truly allow students to show what they are capable of, where they’re headed next, and how to collectively get there. Learn how to:

  • Study your students with wonder and awe
  • Explore each of the 4 Ms and their purpose:
    • Miner: Uncovering students’ reading processes (focus: assessment)
    • Mirror: Giving feedback that reinforces a growth mindset (focus: feedback)
    • Model: Showing readers what we do (focus: demonstration)
    • Mentor: Guiding students to try new ways of reading (focus: guided practice and coaching)
  • Create spaces for student ownership
  • Apply Gravity Goldberg’s 4 M Framework when assessing your students’ level of engagement