Ages/Stages of Children’s Creative Development

Presented by: Cheri Sterman, Crayola Director of Education
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Children need active learning experiences that are developmentally appropriate. They are not miniature adults. While children progress through the developmental stages of creative development at their own unique pace, this development occurs in sequential stages, so patterns can be observed. Educators can help parents and colleagues understand these insights and advocate for developmentally appropriate experiences, rich in creative exploration and inquiry. Explore the trends that have been eroding best practices and review how to advocate for child-centered teaching strategies. Learn to better understand the stages of children’s creative development and how to articulate these insights to others.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Consider today’s trends that are eroding best practices in developmentally appropriate education.
  • Explore how creative play aligns with how young children learn.
  • Help others understand why creative experiences are so important for children.
  • Practice being an advocate for child-centered, inquiry-based education, with robust creative experiences.