Never, Ever—Advice, Wisdom, and Humor for Preschool Teachers

Presented by: Dr. Shirley Raines, Speaker, Author, Consultant, President Emeritus, University of Memphis
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From Pinterest to daily quotes on web feeds, teachers are given advice. Some remember advice from their mentors, supervising teachers, and veteran teachers. In this edWebinar, Dr. Shirley Raines shared advice from her book, Never, Ever, Serve Sugary Snacks on Rainy Days and Other Words of Wisdom for Teachers of Young Children, written in sayings and with beautiful photography of children. The goal of this session is for preschool teachers to appreciate what they have learned, their joyful jobs, and with wisdom and humor, learn to appreciate their children and themselves.

Dr. Raines provided strategies for attendees to get the most out of all of the advice they receive, including:

  • To think about the best advice they have been given
  • To think about advice they should forget
  • To enjoy the humor, common sense, admonitions, silly and serious advice

Dr. Raines shared selections of sayings from her book that are based on emotions and guidance of young children, interactions with parents, humor and the joyful expressions in words and pictures. Viewers will benefit from an enhanced appreciation of how much they already know and an appreciation of the advice worth saving for their work as preschool teachers.