Achieving Student Agency with the Perfect Assessment System

Presented by: Dr. Rick Stiggins, Founder, Assessment Training Institute
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Assessment is the process of gathering evidence of student learning to inform educational decisions. But how do you ensure that every stakeholder has the right information at the right time? And how do you maintain student motivation?

In this edWebinar, Dr. Rick Stiggins, founder of the Assessment Training Institute, demonstrated how to create an assessment system that provides all stakeholders with quality evidence to meet their needs. First, he outlined this system’s essential conditions:

  • Clear assessment purposes
  • Appropriate learning targets to be assessed
  • Quality assessments yielding dependable results
  • Strong links between assessment and student motivation, so students feel in control of their academic success

Then, he provided tools to determine whether these conditions are present in your district—and how to close any gaps. Learn how to create an action plan to implement the perfect district assessment system.