5 Steps to Increase Enrollment at Your District

Presented by: Marc Rubner, VP of Marketing, Schoolwires
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Did you know one million students are on a waiting list to attend a charter school? Did you know the number of full-time students registered in online education is four times what it was a decade ago? Did you know ten percent of U.S. students attend a private school? You have competition! In this webinar, Marc Rubner, Vice President of Marketing at Schoolwires, provided attendees with five key tactics for competing in the K-12 market:

  • Positioning – Position your district as the best choice for education in your community.
  • Targeting – Segment and target community members to optimize the value they associate with your district.
  • Messaging – Message and communicate directly with your community.
  • Engaging – Promote interactive engagement by communicating with your community on their terms. Improving – Constantly improve your ability to compete by testing, measuring, and adjusting your positioning and messaging.

Marc provided, tips and real-world examples to help your K-12 district increase enrollment. Marc will field questions from attendees during this live, interactive event.